Wed | Jan 27, 2021

Good message to Mike Pompeo

Published:Saturday | January 18, 2020 | 12:35 AM


What a beautifully written editorial in yesterday’s Gleaner – ‘A message to Mike Pompeo’. I must applaud The Gleaner for such a brave piece. For while we may be too small, vulnerable and insignificant to go up against giants like the United States, in economy, trade, commerce and high-end negotiations, truly we can rub shoulder to shoulder through this medium.

I have noted how verbose The Gleaner’s editorial can be, though. Sometimes I have to grab my pen to note all the ‘big’, new words that I will have to google for their meanings. Go easy on us sometimes, especially the slower readers.

But the editorial for which I am commending The Gleaner was clear and pointed. Justice was done! Mr Pompeo must know that we are quite au fait with the global economic and socio/geopolitical landscape. Jamaica is watching carefully and noting current events as they unfold and we know very well where we are positioned.

The message proves our sound understanding of global issues; our dissatisfaction with the modus operandi of the United States President; and our sovereignty as an independent nation.

What a message to welcome Mike Pompeo! He will know that he must be well prepared for his meeting, for the old ‘sweet-talk’ won’t do.

We appreciate the freedom of the press to say it as it is, because the Government would not be at liberty to say it this well without repercussions.

I am happy!