Thu | Jan 21, 2021

Climate change and the dilemmas of mankind

Published:Tuesday | January 21, 2020 | 7:39 AM


Climate change is so far-reaching it might someday exterminate mankind, if we are not proactive in putting the necessary protective measures in place to avert the impending dangers. This is to provide a viable medium/alternative to many unbecoming adverse effects looming over our heads.

The implications are clearly seen; even the blind could discern them with a glimpse, without actually examining the dastardly effects. With extreme warm temperatures the order of the day in the summer months, and excessively cold temperatures at nights in winter, one wonders what the future holds.

The extreme temperatures will pose a problem for domesticated and wild animals alike to live and survive in these harsh conditions. World leaders will have to act fast to ensure that mankind is not decimated, by recognising the grave dangers this phenomenon poses to the human species.

The intervention of proactive, supporting measures to protect the planet is not being observed by some world leaders. Two such persons are the United States President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia, where the forests with unique species of flora and fauna are being exterminated by a dry and highly flammable environment.


This situation with climate change will increase poverty on a much wider scale, hence prevent all mankind from enjoying the resources of the planet.

If money is not invested in climate change to awaken the consciousness of nations in partial slumber, who are not doing enough to protect the planet from deforestation and other environmental hazards, we can say we are gone to the dogs.

The oceans are getting warmer, the icecaps are melting and animals intolerant to warm temperatures are dying. We will have to fix the situation before it becomes irreversible, and temperatures get very extreme.

Hazardous substances like polystyrene and hydrocarbons must be eliminated from the planet for us to see the light of day once more.