Wed | Jan 27, 2021

Letter of the Day | The sexism of murder-suicide

Published:Wednesday | January 22, 2020 | 12:00 AM


Is it a just act to blame the male gender for every murder-suicide narrative in the media? Once a newscast highlights a story of such nature, the first reaction is to blame the male gender. This emotional reaction negates rational analysis of the situation to decipher the root cause of each murder-suicide.

Jamaicans tend to push logic aside and base their conclusions on sheer emotional decision-making. This form of discrimination is reiterated with quotations such as “all men are dogs” or “good men no longer exist”. Sexism has shaped the discourse about each narrative and, in everybody’s eyes, all masculine homo sapiens have a tail, and all priests have a gun instead of a Bible.

It becomes hard for a man in this modern age to maintain a pure reputation without his image being tarnish with these nonsensical labels of ‘dog’ and ‘bad’. Apparently, the female gender has not played a role in any deadly outcome that occurs in these relationships.


Since the majority blames only the man, then it is obvious the woman has nothing to do with these deadly outcomes. I hereby refute any claim that it is only the man’s fault, since I consider that heights of sexism.

A team of psychologists must be organised by the Government to do a thorough scientific analysis to decipher the ‘true’ cause of murder-suicides. Until then, blaming the man is sexist.