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Is Pompeo’s visit a threat?

Published:Wednesday | January 22, 2020 | 12:00 AM
Mike Pompeo

Some CARICOM leaders are warning against the potential weakening of regional integration by the United States whose secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, will today meet in Jamaica with select heads of Government. We asked our followers if they believe that Pompeo’s visit poses a threat to the region.


- YES – @sweetsophtreat


- Long time – @mr.newyork1940


- YES. I DO – @876gyg


- Well, we have to hear what is said in the meeting to decide that. – @pinkgoen


- Yes, CARICOM has several countries together; they make up CARICOM. No half and half. – @ermine.lewis


- Divide and rule them has never stopped being their greatest weapon. The fact that we have to ask is alarming enough. – @axumcode

- Unfortunately, we have a PM who is allowing himself to be used to damage CARICOM. – @willynilly17


- Yes, anything this administration does is a threat to the universe, point blank. I said what I said. – @jackiestatment


- Nothing to be scared off. Prosperity is good. The Caribbean is scattered across the Caribbean Sea, so how much more can one person do on one visit? Maybe the Caribbean should love each other more; it shows our weaknesses. – @Garth30317890