Mon | Sep 21, 2020

Transforming the Holy Bible into a ‘Slave Bible’

Published:Thursday | January 23, 2020 | 12:17 AM


The King James edition of the Holy Bible was transformed into what was known as a ‘Slave Bible’, and handed to the black race in order to keep them under white oppression and inhumane condition. This evidence was revealed quite recently by an investigating journalist in the United States of America (US).

This Slave Bible is looked up in the Washington, DC, Bible Museum in the US. The Holy Bible was lynched, so to speak, by white colonial masters and slave traders in Britain, then transported to the US and other European countries, and even to the Caribbean islands. The original 66 books of the King James edition of the Bible has 11,089 chapters in its entirety, while the so-called Slave Bible has 232 chapters. This rigged Bible was handed to our foreparents. Ninety per cent of the Old Testament was removed, and 50 per cent of the New Testament was also removed.

Our black brothers and sisters were brought from Senegal, Ghana, West Africa, and parts of South Africa, through what was known as the Middle Passage, in 1619 to the US, to be treated in an inhumane way and forced to live a substandard life. Slavery, then, was embraced by all white people. Most of that undignified trade made the whites rich and comfortable.

Despite the gallant effort to keep the black race under subjection, and from revolting, the white oppressors could not stop those slaves in the Caribbean from staging various rebellion, and exercising their right to freedom and human dignity.

As a result of the courageous act on the part of the Caribbean slaves, and in particular, those slaves domiciled in Jamaica, our ancestors set at liberty their relatives all across the globe.

Thanks to that searching reporter who dug up such valuable piece of Black history that was deeply buried into the archive of the white man’s treasure chest, in Washington, DC.

Despite the evil levelled at us blacks, we do not hate the white race: we hate and detest their stupidity and selfish actions then.

Alrick Davis

Justice of the Peace