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Letter of the Day | Ja must screen now for corona disease

Published:Saturday | January 25, 2020 | 12:00 AM


Oftentimes the Jamaican government becomes lax when there are epidemics of serious diseases that affect other countries globally. The respiratory disease, coronavirus, in China has claimed 26 lives so far and is worrying for the Chinese government.

Many Jamaicans travel to China weekly to conduct various businesses. These Jamaicans can transport the coronavirus to our country.

As the saying goes, “It is better to be safe than to be sorry”. Our health ministry needs to be busy now before being sorry. Jamaicans travel everywhere in the world, and therefore, it is wise for the Government to get busy and to prevent the deadly corona disease from entering our ports.

The shipping industry in Jamaica has developed close ties with the Chinese shipping industry, and therefore, it is easy for this deadly disease to enter our shores. Countries such as Kenya, and other African countries that are engaged in trade with China, are taking steps to keep out this deadly disease that is killing many Chinese.

I implore our government, and in particular our health minister, to be vigilant as to who are entering our country. Many cities in China are closing down, many public events cancelled and transport operations curtailed. The Chinese New Year celebration has been forced to be put on hold due to this new and deadly disease.


According to some reports, over 20 million people are locked down detention-style across three to four states in China. These people are reportedly not allowed to go into public places. According to a news broadcast and as shown in an Instagram footage, many are literally dying, their bodies lying on the streets.

We are living in a closely knit global society, and when one country sneezes, the entire global community can catch a cold. The world is closely related due to various trade transactions and cultural interactions. Musicians from Jamaica’s shores are travelling all over the world, so we are indeed close to any hazardous disease that might emerge elsewhere in the global community.


Justice of the Peace