Wed | Feb 19, 2020

Wild Discovery is very interesting

Published:Saturday | January 25, 2020 | 12:17 AM


I have never done it before, but I would spend an entire day watching this programme called Wild Discovery. Wild Discovery is a television series that is aired on Discovery Channel and also on our location television stations.

It’s an educational programme, in documentary format, showcasing animals as the main theme. The show features a wide range of animals, in locations from around the world, including Brazil and the Serengeti.

One of the things that attract my attention the most about Wild Discovery are the lovely and beautiful animals, such as the lions, tigers, elephants, etc., in all their different species, of the animal kingdom, roaming, hunting and cooling out on the beautiful and magnificent landscapes.

However, my main concern is about the lion. Why is the lion called the ‘king of the beast’? Because of its terrifying roar and kingly appearance, this has helped earn the lion this nickname. It is also because of the belief that the lion could defeat all other animals in combat, or because of its size and strength.

Lions have famously acquired the title of ‘King of the Jungle’, however, the title is misleading, due to some specific reasons.


Lions vs tigers! It’s being said that tigers are stronger than lions, in terms of physical strength. Body built, tigers are pounds stronger than any other animals, with more muscles than that of lions. Furthermore, when it comes to a fight, tigers win over lions, most of the times, and kill lions, too. Very seldom a lion kills a tiger. I thought the lion was the strong animal in the cat family, and also in the world.

The elephant! It has also being said that, in brute strength, elephants are the strongest mammals and the strongest land animals. Interesting eh? And also, we have been told that the elephant is the largest animal of the world, while the giraffe is the tallest.