Fri | Feb 21, 2020

Save Cockpit Country now or never

Published:Monday | January 27, 2020 | 12:18 AM


Election is in the air. Now is time for residents of the Cockpit Country and other well-thinking Jamaicans to act and save this vital part of our ecosystem. It is clear that this issue is not a priority for both political parties.

When campaigning heats up some other issues, such as some juicy scandal or other trending political topic, will crowd out the Cockpit Country issue. Remember, for each party the priority is winning the election at whatever cost, even if the destruction of the environment has to be swept under the carpet. Once a party wins, it will have five years before it is interested in your vote again. By this time the destruction would have been done.

We should ask these questions now: If this water table is destroyed, how will residents get water in the future? This is taken in consideration with the fact that thousands of hotel rooms are planned for Trelawny and surrounding areas.

Where will water come from for these developments? We fear the hotels will be given priority over local villages from the presumed diminished supplies. Remember Negril’s water problem in the not-too-distant past? How was it solved? Where did they get the additional water from? How did it affect residents in areas where the new source of water came from?

Does this mean that the Government in the future will have to divert billions of dollars to solve that future problem that could have been avoided now by saving the water table? ‘Water is life’, but it’s not just about water, it’s about thousands of Jamaicans being denied the right to enjoy a basic quality of life.

If we destroy water sources, we destroy lives. Act now!