Sun | Jan 17, 2021

Obama gets no credit

Published:Wednesday | February 12, 2020 | 12:22 AM
Barack Obama
Barack Obama


President Barack Obama dug the United States economy out of the ditch.

This he did while fending off rabid, unexplainable and fanatic Republican obstacles.

He also gave Donald Trump the momentum he needed to be doing so well economically now.

If a guy dirties himself up, digs a car out of the ditch, strains to push the car back on to the highway and gets the car running again, is it fair for the guy lucky enough to be driving the car when it gathers speed and momentum to take all the credit?

Well, that’s Obama. He gets no credit for the lion’s share of the work he did.

But that’s America for you.

Fling control to the black guy when it looks hopeless, and if he’s unable to recover it, blame the whole thing on him.

If he miraculously recovers it, ride in silently and take all the credit.

Nothing new here.