Sat | Jul 11, 2020

Close the borders now

Published:Tuesday | March 17, 2020 | 12:29 AM


I have just read the news that the Cayman Islands will shortly be locking down its borders and restricting all passenger flights in and out of the country.

While this is no doubt a drastic step, it is indeed one taken with the long term interest of the Caymanian people in mind and is, therefore, a commendable one. If I had a Caymanian visa I would undoubtedly be heading there this evening to ride out the storm alongside a Government who clearly puts the health and safety of its people first.

What is the Government of Jamaica doing along these lines in an effort to reduce the importation of this dreaded and deadly virus? Time is of essence and with every passenger coming into our island – Jamaican or visitor – the chance that more of this virus is being imported increases.


The time is now! If our Government locks down our borders and we self isolate to reduce the “domestic” spread, then we may put ourselves in the best position to survive. If we fail to do this, and immediately, those of us who live to tell the tale will no doubt rue the missed opportunity as we count the lives of loved ones lost.

The primary responsibility of any government is to protect its people. While thus far the Andrew Holness Government has been doing an exceptional job, this critical and perhaps “drastic” measure awaits. It will have to be done but the critical thing is to do it NOW! Tick tock, the clock is sadly ticking.