Sun | Sep 20, 2020

Could this be a dress rehearsal?

Published:Thursday | March 26, 2020 | 12:16 AM


The COVID-19 outbreak across the planet has undoubtedly caused untold dislocation to the very fabric of the world as we once knew it.

This dislocation is extremely far-reaching; what with industry, agriculture, sports – you name it, all literally grinding to a halt.

Just imagine a Tokyo Olympic 2020 athlete who has been going through the rigours and extreme sacrifice in preparation for the games, only to discover that they have been postponed.

On the surface, the implications are startling, and when traced to their final conclusion, they can at best be described as grave.

Obviously, one expects the kind of gloomy forecasts by commentators, analysts and even by simple opinionated persons.

High on the list of reactions, though, is the anger, frustration, dismay, and outright rejection of the inter linked and far reaching global ripple effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

While these reactions are totally understandable in the current context, the circumstances might well be used as dress rehearsal for the ultimate global dislocation which is lurking in the wings; and better known as His (Jesus) second coming.

Matthew’s prophetic writings, recorded in Matthew 24, spell out both the sequence as well as identification of the composite issues which will embody this magnanimous event.

So, I recommend that we tone down our level of agitation, and rather use CODIV-19 as dress rehearsal to prepare for this inevitable happening, which will make this one only a walk in the park.

The fantastic fact is that we don’t have to be caught off guard since good and lasting preparation can begin this very minute.

Derrick D. Simon