Wed | May 27, 2020

A season of change and growth

Published:Monday | April 6, 2020 | 12:19 AM


A NEW season not only opens the door to new blessings, but is a mixture of both good and bad.

As we all sit at the window, looking to the sky and wondering when all this will end, I want to remind all Jamaicans that there is something to be learnt from this season.

For some, they need to learn patience; for others, they need to use this season to obliterate some bad habits. For still another person, they need to learn how to be technologically savvy; and for others, they just need to get some rest. The lesson that must be learnt is different for everyone, and it is up to us to figure out what lesson we need to learn.

While there are a few who are expectant and optimistic that things will eventually be okay, there are some Jamaicans who are pessimistic (believing that they are not pessimistic, but realistic), thinking that things will only get worse and there is no hope for success in overcoming this adversary called COVID-19.

While our future of when the coronavirus will all end is unknown, I want to remind all Jamaicans that our attitude and mindset during this period will determine how successful we are in overcoming this pandemic.

I am not postulating that my fellow Jamaicans should be unrealistic, but it is important that we cultivate and maintain a mindset of positive thinking.

Whilst not many may immediately agree with me, this season is a season of both change and growth.

We must acknowledge and accept that things will never be the same again – the economy will never be the same, our hygiene practices will never be the same, and our thoughts about the value and uncertainty of life will also change.


If we want to survive this season, we must embrace change. Don’t feel as though the world has gone mad, but use this season to build your mindset, to improve your spirituality and health and to be the best version of yourself, so that after this season you’ll be stronger than you’ve ever been before.

It is also important that we put God first during this season. Relying only on your human nature is not enough, but during this season and onwards, strive to make praying, fasting and faith a lifestyle.

Stay safe, everyone, and stay informed while doing so. We will survive this season because we are strong and resilient human beings!