Tue | Jul 7, 2020

JPS monopoly hurting Jamaicans

Published:Monday | May 25, 2020 | 12:11 AM


THIS IS a letter to Andrew Holness, prime minister of Jamaica, on the matter of the monopoly legislation that was passed in the House of Representative decades ago, to give the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) authority to increase electricity bills with the approval of the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR).

Mr Prime Minister, on behalf of the people of Jamaica, I am taking a bold step to ask you please to recall that legislation and have it debated in the House, because OUR is of no help to the Jamaican people. We have felt the hands of JPS for too long, with many increases that have left the people in financial devastation.

They are planing to put another increase on the people. I heard on the airwaves that this is due to the slide in the dollar, and the people are already burdened financially because of COVID-19.

We the citizens see that you and your administration are doing a very good job from 2016 until now in managing the economy, especially in this time with the pandemic upon us, but sir, if you take my advice and recall this piece of legislation that was granted to JPS many years ago, the people of Jamaica will be more comfortable to know that we have a PM who is at the wheel to ensure that citizens get a good deal from the light and power company, without putting them under burden.

Just remember the poor pensioner, and as one who has served as a PRO on a school PTA committee and a churchman, both schools and these sections of society can’t afford it. Mr PM, please do something for the people.