Wed | Jul 8, 2020

Letter of the Day | Please treat all Jamaicans equally

Published:Monday | May 25, 2020 | 12:11 AM


I WRITE to express a concern regarding the comments of the minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade, Kamina Johnson Smith, about the Jamaicans in Cuba who are to be brought home. It appears that the Jamaicans who are in Cuba are to be brought home, in my opinion, with a high level of urgency, the flight already arranged.

Let me state very clearly that I appreciate greatly how the Government has handled the COVID-19 pandemic emergency. The Government has guided us in a manner that, in my opinion, has been level-headed, in the main transparent and very patient with many of the uninformed comments that have found their way into the public space. Some of the most egregious comments are coming from those who would ask us to allow them to govern the country.


Many Jamaicans are stuck abroad. In fact, I would want to bet that a vast number of us at home know of someone who is stuck abroad. That being the case, what makes the situation with those stuck in Cuba of such, that such effort is being made to bring them home? I don’t need to know their business, but I do need to know why my friends and relatives have to wait and others have what appears to be a golden ticket.

Please, Minister, don’t sully what has been a very commendable response so far by the Government to this very difficult time.