Fri | Oct 30, 2020

What would we do without women?

Published:Tuesday | May 26, 2020 | 12:12 AM


WHAT WOULD the world do without women? We could write a whole book on this. It would certainly be a sad, dull, boring and unbalanced world. Thanks be to God for women, and for the major role they are playing in this world. For their marvellous works and performances. For their communication skills and willpower to push forward on – and to get on with this business, and journey, of life. For the positive attitude they show to the test of endurance. And, especially to all the good and faithful women, we lift our hats to you.

No wonder there is this thing called International Women’s Day, in which we can give them some special attention; some good words of gratitude and appreciation, and encouragement.

At this time, let us give a shout-out to former broadcaster at RJR 94 FM and journalist Norda Madison. Truly, Norda has a beautiful voice. Honestly, some women do have beautiful voices; voices that sound like sweet music, and Norda Madison is one of them. Let us welcome her back on radio. She is now on Kool 97 FM on Sundays.

I listen to many radio stations, because I have to show my love and respect for them. Moreover, I am not biased.

I will end on this note. Everybody is beautiful within his or her own way, and everybody is important and special in the eyes of God, along with his/her God-given purpose; but some women have some very good and attractive personalities, along with their beautiful voices. Those lovely voices can make your day a good one.