Sun | Jul 5, 2020

Frustrated with gov’t offices

Published:Friday | May 29, 2020 | 12:20 AM


I AM writing as I am – and, I am sure, a lot of other Jamaicans – frustrated with conducting business with government offices. It is unacceptable that one has to wait for a long period of time to deal with matters.

I am urgently recommending the following:

1. The staff at all levels be retrained and refreshed on how to deal with people of all level, whether they are in a position of power or not.

2. An independent board be set up at all ministries to receive complaints from people who think their rights have been breached, or who are satisfied with the services. This board can report directly to the minister or their designate.

3. People who flout the rules be removed with immediate effect, no matter what their affiliation is.

4. Hire more customer service personnel to answer the phones; people are frustrated when calling for days and getting no response.

I hope I see these being implemented, as it will ease the frustration of all citizens.