Sat | Jul 4, 2020

Owen Speid is a born leader

Published:Tuesday | June 2, 2020 | 12:20 AM


REV CLAUDE Ellis, principal of Pembroke Hall High School wrote a very unfair piece on May 27, ‘Wanted: Quality representation from JTA ’, about the tenure of the president of Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA), Owen Speid.

It is unfortunate that the work Mr Speid has been doing for the teachers has been cast into a quagmire by Rev Ellis’ remarks, which hit me like a cannonball. First, one must look at the timing of Rev Ellis’ article and his school Pembroke Hall High. A short dialogue, or even a long discourse, would have resolved any differences which Rev Ellis harboured. Washing your dirty linen in public could never be the right thing to do.

The teacher, Marsha Lee Crawford, I believe, was rightly vindicated and exonerated. Rev Ellis seems to be feeling paralysed by the outcome; and in my opinion, he is being mischievous and vindictive.

Rev Ellis is trying to tarnish Mr Speid’s work and he should not have gone that route. I can definitively say that the majority of the teachers are extremely proud of the stewardship of Mr Speid. He has been doing a great job and he deserves all the accolades.