Sat | Jul 4, 2020

Peter Bunting is power-hungry

Published:Tuesday | June 2, 2020 | 12:19 AM


RECENT ACTIONS by Mr Peter Bunting and the ‘Team of Risers’ have made me to realise that Mr Bunting is a power-hungry and egotistical man, who, despite what he may believe, does not have the People’s National Party’s (PNP) nor Jamaica’s best interest at heart.

The delegates of the PNP in last September’s leadership contest voted to keep Dr Peter Phillips as leader of the party, yet Mr Bunting doesn’t seem to be able to come to grips with that reality. Clearly, he believes that he and his supporters are better than the delegates, by reason or wealth, and he needs to prove that the decision made by the majority in September was wrong.

If Mr Bunting cannot support the leader chosen by the PNP, he needs to leave the organisation, take his supporters with him, and launch his own party.

The PNP was not created for individual aggrandisement, and if he cannot support the wider movement, then it is time for him to step aside.

Staying in the PNP to further the rift and incite disunity does not augur well for the party or its aspirations to get to Jamaica House. Staying is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Neither Peter Bunting, with his gang of 15, nor Dr Phillips, with a fractured and bitter PNP, can win any election in the near or distant future.