Sat | Jul 4, 2020

Time for permanent curfews

Published:Wednesday | June 3, 2020 | 12:07 AM


Our economy has taken a drastic hit from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We must not only find innovative ways to stimulate our economic recovery, we must find ways to make it stronger and more resilient.

The past two to three months have forced us to adapt to a ‘new normal’. We should look for ways on which we can use this to build and strengthen our economy.

In the past, a large section of our potential workforce has been wasting away at parties held every night from Monday to Sunday. We should galvanise these people into the workforce.

I suggest we implement a permanent curfew from Sunday to Thursday, starting at 11 p.m. and ending at 5 a.m. This would allow everybody to participate in a normal workforce mode, as well as being able to enjoy recreation evening and nightlife.

Bars, nightclubs and restaurants would still be able to profit from Sunday to Thursday during the evening hours till 11 p.m. On Friday and Saturday night, all the nightly places of entertainment would be able to profit till any hour they please.

But come Sunday night, it should be back to ‘work mode’ till Friday night.


We are allowing a large section of our potential workforce to waste away and then turn around and demand handouts funded by taxpayers … when they themselves spend money to buy party clothes, wigs, fingernails and Hennessey at parties.

And for those who say employment options are low, maybe now that they will be at home Sunday to Thursday, they will have time to think of how they can start a business for themselves … thousands of others have done it; they should figure out a way to do it also.

Finally, this amended curfew policy could have a positive impact in helping to slow our major crime. Criminals move under the cover of dark. If we can restrict this nightly movement, perhaps our security forces can zoom in on the known hotspots of these wicked criminals.