Fri | Aug 14, 2020

Jamaica tourism citadel for the coronavirus

Published:Saturday | June 27, 2020 | 12:19 AM


With the opening up of the borders, I think we should think out of the box in creating mechanisms to make the best out of a bad situation. It would be very smart if we could drive an advertisement campaign highlighting Jamaica as a COVID-19 relief country where people can wine and dine to their satisfaction with minimal harassment or COVID-19-induced restrictions.

We could market our country as a tourism citadel for the coronavirus or a stronghold for people who want the best of paradise in spite of the implications from the virus. This is my win-win philosophy for the improvement of our wherewithal or stakes with the right ambiance for the satisfaction of all engaging parties. With this said, we could cement ourselves as the ideal destination for one to escape from the negative effects of the virus.


The world will never be the same, but we have to be innovative and look outside of our comfort zone to fix the existing problems with great visionary initiatives. We will have to have our physical-distancing protocols, handwashing, sanitising, and normal testing procedures still concretely fixed.

It will not take very long for Jamaica to be transfixed into the psyche of our visitors. We should critically assess the criteria we could use to develop on the tourist trade as one of the best destinations on the planet.

We could embark on a series of multilateral talks from tourism insiders to fine-tune this venture and our commitment to advancement and prosperity. The stakeholders in the tourist trade could present their proposed plans of action and see if they are in sync with those of the Jamaica Tourist Board. We should not be so dependent on any one force to drive our economy, but we are already in this uneasy situation, from which we will have to maximise the benefits.