Mon | Sep 28, 2020

Need tougher laws in Ja

Published:Monday | June 29, 2020 | 12:14 AM


I would like to see some solution for the murders that are being committed in Jamaica. There are too many killings going on, which is giving a very bad name to our beautiful island, and also putting Jamaican lives at risk. I am asking if it is possible to put an end to all these crimes by putting some drastic measures in place. Jamaica is a beautiful country; we need strict laws regarding these guns and knives, which are hurting innocent people. We need to have tougher laws and stricter punishment if we want peace and tranquillity. Please get these criminals off the streets.

Why are they killing so many innocent people, robbing and raping? What are the measures being put in place for those criminals?

Why can’t these criminals find work and build careers for themselves instead of slapping people’s lives away?

How long can Jamaicans bear with all this?

I need answers, please.