Fri | Oct 30, 2020

No Christian political party

Published:Monday | June 29, 2020 | 12:14 AM


I write to support Cashley Brown’s deprecation of the group of pastors seeking to establish a new political party in Jamaica, in a letter to the editor on June 24. He is correct in pointing out that this ill-fated move by the clergy is a testimony that the Church has lost its divine mission.

These are men who have a form of godliness but deny the power of God, and whose wickedness will eventually expose them like the Pharisees of old. Jesus in his diatribe of them likened them unto whitewashed sepulchres.

Unlike Cashley, I am not surprised by their public display of unregenerate worldliness, and as the scripture admonishes that not all who proclaim Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of God, given that the church is likened unto a field growing wheat and tares, the latter whose end is eternal damnation while that of the former is eternal life.

I am happy that these false prophets have been exposed by the Holy Spirit whose duty is to separate the sheep from the goats for all to see. According to the group, they are acting on a call from God. The Bible teaches that “if a prophet is deceived when that prophet declares a word then it’s the Lord himself who has deceived that prophet and is under the wrath of God” Ezekiel 14:9 KJV.

I want to encourage the sheep of the church to hold on to Jesus Christ the Rock of our salvation and don’t be led astray by religious impostors parading as sheep in wolves clothing. Spend time communing with your God and pursue a personal relationship with God imploring the Holy Spirit, the teacher, to impart to you the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, understanding and, most of all, the spirit of discernment so that they will not be deceived by religious impostors.