Mon | Aug 3, 2020

Trillion-dollar reparation question

Published:Monday | June 29, 2020 | 12:15 AM


The trillion-dollar question is how do we ask queen Elizabeth ‘nicely’ for reparations, to compensate us for more than 400 years of black slavery, suffering and oppression. It is also important that we make her aware that we have only been recently advised that our ancestors’ redemption and liberty also came at the expense of our forefathers having to repay Her Majesty and her ancestors a great amount of taxes, taxes which we and our ancestors have been paying for almost 200 years – up until 2015.

There are numerous reasons why we believe that we have more than a proper civil case which should be argued in a court of law; however, we would first like to appeal to Her Majesty’s conscience, that most valuable and precious part of every soul which must answer to God.

Surely, Her Majesty is aware of the circumstances, how we have reached the tipping point, the violence and social unrest which have resulted and continue because of the injustice, atrocities and inequities, some of which are still foisted on us, with the hostile images of white supremacy on her medals of St Michael and St George, which degrade all of humanity.

The facts are clear, Your Majesty, there is a great wrong which has been inflicted on thousands of your loyal subjects for hundreds of years in just about every colony in the West Indies, and in particular Jamaica, and we are beseeching you to do the right thing and settle this matter with alacrity.

Many of us who still admire and honour Her Majesty, who is still head of state of this island, a small but loyal part of the Commonwealth, do plead with you and all your countrymen to make these reparations immediately.