Thu | Aug 13, 2020

Delroy Chuck is right

Published:Wednesday | July 1, 2020 | 12:23 AM


Delroy Chuck is one of Jamaica’s more level-headed politicians. Unlike his colleagues, he refuses to give credence to inane rantings. But apparently, his aversion to acceding to the hysteria of the flippant Me Too Movement has created immense furore. Based on the reactions to Chuck’s commentary, one would think that he doubted the sincerity of victims of sexual harassment, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Chuck, in his wisdom, only rebuked the American #MeToo movement and stated that the statute of limitation to file claims of sexual harassment should not be more than one year. Both positions are indeed quite reasonable. But this is exactly the problem, because American liberals and their followers in Jamaica are the antithesis of reason.

The #MeToo movement is the culmination of feminist rage against men; it was never about securing justice for victims of sexual harassment. Due to the specious claims advanced by this group, the careers of several distinguished men have been ruined. Therefore, Mr Chuck was only exercising good judgement by cautioning Jamaicans from embracing a movement similar to #MeToo.


Further, a statute of limitation permitting cases to be reported within a year is perfectly justified. Rape and other sex-related crimes are serious and must be reported with alacrity. To suggest that women need several years to cope with the trauma of such events, before they can file a complaint, will build a strong case for the defence and allow members of the public to become sceptical of their allegations.

America, Western Europe and Canada are laughing stocks, because of the pernicious influence of neurotic feminists, and we must reject their insidious ideology before it becomes mainstream. One way to prevent the disease of feminism from infiltrating our shores is to remove elected officials in both parties who are in solidarity with this nefarious philosophy.

This writer will not sit down and enable miscreants to make a mockery of his country.