Thu | Aug 13, 2020

Fix our roads, MP Clarke

Published:Wednesday | July 1, 2020 | 12:21 AM


We the constituents of the Havendale/Meadowbrook division would like our Member of Parliament (MP) Dr Nigel Clarke to tell us when the massive craters in the roads in the division will be repaired. The conditions of these roads have deteriorated and continue to get worse as we do not seem to have any meaningful representation.

Perhaps now is a good time for MP Clarke to revisit this side of his constituency before the next general election is called. Roads in other constituencies are being repaired so perhaps he could extend some of the courtesies to his constituency. After all, we too would like to experience driving on ‘caarpet’ in Havendale/Meadowbrook.

Dr Clarke’s disregard for this constituency begs the question of whether politicians remember that they are servants of the people and, as such, they need to serve, not use us for their own gain.