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Talkback Thursday: COVID results

Published:Thursday | July 2, 2020 | 12:21 AM

As of July 10, people visiting Jamaica from Florida, New York, Arizona and Texas must upload the results of their COVID tests to be approved for landing. What do you think about this new requirement? #GLNRTalk

Just make everybody test and done. Sooner we are covid-free the better.

Denvil Douglas @dougie1038

While I am all in favour of getting tested, there are many more states that would warrant testing than those four. NYC has flattened the curve, whereas many others are in free fall. Why not all of the USA?

Ina Vandebroek


It should be for the entire United States, as other states are also affected by the virus.

Donna E. Hayles


Are they going to call and check if it’s forgery or real? Anyone can take someone results and alter it, remember we are dealing with a place like USA, no matter where in the USA fraud is the dress code.

Michelle Francis


Are you prepared to do a Covid-19 test prior to travelling? Are you prepared to take Covid vaccine if and when available? Temperature test fine by me for ALL travellers inbound & outbound. Covid-19 test NO.

Wellness Coach @Progress47

It’s nonsense because if they were recently infected (at the time of testing) it won’t show up on the test but they’ll still be able to spread it once they get to Jamaica.


Borders must lock back or a pretest for everybody coming in Jamaica and then they still get tested here upon arrival.


They can try it anyway you take it risk of to run in life so only thing we have to do is pray for the best.


Yes it’s better because they too ruff with the testing there, and since they’re overburdened, no way.


I think it’s nonsense it’s better to test in Jamaica. Results may not become available in time for the actual date of travel.


What’s the point of stretching your neck to go to ... when you won’t be free to go wherever you want. Water parks and many other attractions are closed or have limited access ... kmt.