Thu | Aug 13, 2020

Do not betray our trust, Mr Holness

Published:Saturday | July 4, 2020 | 12:21 AM


I was dismayed to read comments allegedly made by Prime Minister (PM) Andrew Holness when asked about one of his supposed long-time “loyalists”, Andrew Wheatley, and his possible appointment to a future Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Cabinet.

How could the PM ever really consider this unless power has gone to his head and now his own arrogance is blinding him? In light of allegations made against Mr Wheatley, dare I say that the PM should have shut down such a thought immediately and unequivocally.

Equally concerning is the PM’s alleged comments pertaining to Wheatley running on a JLP ticket in the upcoming general election. True, the PM cannot remove anyone as MP as they are elected by the people, but what message would Holness and the JLP be sending about their stance on corruption were Wheatley to again run for the Labour Party in light of damning reports about his conduct at Petrojam and elsewhere?

The prime minister’s only saving grace has been disunity among the Opposition People’s National Party, but nothing creates unity more quickly than a chance to govern, and I suspect that with each passing day, Bunting, Phillips, and the Comrades are gaining ground on Holness, Vaz, Reid, Wheatley, and their band of merry men.

Holness is no fool, but he ought to take sleep and mark death. I predict that if he has the audacity to really make Wheatley face the electorate under the JLP banner, the people of this country will make him pay dearly for the trust placed in his hands.