Sun | Aug 9, 2020

Shocked by JPS bills

Published:Tuesday | July 14, 2020 | 12:24 AM


I write to express shock at the grim silence to the recent public confession that JPS has been charging law-abiding customers for the electricity stolen by others. This revelation is a national disgrace and should be treated with the most severe sanction by the Government.

The OUR, which is commissioned to regulate the fair trading of the JPS, must act expeditiously to place this company under its microscope and demand of them to discontinue this despicable practice. It seems that the power company has become complacent in failing to employ dynamic strategic-management policy to manage the company’s complex marketing portfolio.

Charging their clientèle for electricity they are not consuming cannot be justified under any circumstance. The JPS needs to answer for that. The company must, forthwith, reimburse the customers who it has been overcharging for all these years.

This billing policy warrants a national enquiry to stem this practice that JPS has been employing. They need to immediately stop this practice and stop harassing the customers.

There are also serious issues with their service delivery, which the company needs to look into urgently.