Sun | Aug 9, 2020

Talkback Thursdays

Published:Thursday | July 16, 2020 | 12:14 AM

The issues of nepotism and cronyism have re-emerged as a major concern in the awarding of contracts in Jamaica. We asked our followers what measures they would like to see to improve transparency in the awarding of government contracts.

• “All contracts should be made public. There should be a public bidding, the cost and duration of the work to be done should be made public, it should be monitored by a public body (oversight committee, bipartisan members) and progress be publicly reported. If there is a delay or increase in cost, the reason should be publicly stated, if the delay is due to the action of the contractor, the contractor should bear the additional cost.”

– @kevinssimmonds

• “All bidders should have their name publicised and documented. The process includes competitive bidding and [the] decision is made by a board constituting at least one knowledgeable member of the community in which the contract will be implemented, as well as both political reps. [A] majority vote from [the] board determines the contractor.”

– Arthurene Simpson

• “All stakeholders [should] enter through the right channel and the contract given to [the] company that has no strings attached.”

– @viveinne_reid

• “Public posting of contracts and bidding in the courts. Award of contracts by a group of court-appointed persons.”

– @robinsondacia

• “Government contracts should be awarded after a competitive bidding process.”

– Courtney Escoffery Sr

• “No politician should participate.”

– Marlon Phillips