Thu | Aug 6, 2020

Divesting Ja’s future

Published:Saturday | July 18, 2020 | 12:17 AM


If Jamaica’s invaluable, irreplaceable, and important assets continue to be divested, ultimately, Jamaicans will pay a heavy price, literally and otherwise.

The more of Jamaica’s lands, ports, public-sector companies, beaches, etc., that are sold or leased to foreign interests, the less control present and future governments and citizens will have of Jamaica.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a place for divestment of Jamaica’s assets, but as far as possible, Jamaican citizens should be put at the top of the list of prospective buyers, as opposed to, necessarily, accepting a bid from a foreign individual or company simply because they submitted a higher bid.

During the P.J. Patterson-led administration, the Jamaica Public Service Company was divested, and though much-needed improvements were made to that critical service, ultimately, Jamaica and Jamaicans have paid, and continue to pay, a heavy price, financially and otherwise, having given up control of what is, arguably, the most important asset in Jamaica.