Sat | Jan 23, 2021

West Indies always disappoint us

Published:Wednesday | July 29, 2020 | 12:15 AM


I know the West Indies like a poem. And I know about their ways of doing things, when it comes to the game of glorious uncertainties, like ABC. So, it wasn’t surprising to me when England thrashed them by 269 runs, and won the third Test and series.

The current crop of West Indies players are like that stupid cow that gave that lovely bucket of milk, and then used her hoof and kicked it over. They should now turn to the cow that jumped over the moon and seek some help from her, if she is still alive.

Believe you me, from day one I was not expecting the Windies to beat England. Even when they won the first Test, convincingly, I was still expecting them to go down on the canvas. But, the big question is: when will they rise from the floor of unstoppable defeats? When will they rise from the canvas of inconsistency; from the roller coaster of dipping and falling back? When will they, once and for all, get out of the rut of beautiful speaking and promises – or convincing promises – and prove their worth?

Bad habits are very hard to break. The Windies have been bound in the chains of a bad habit of inconsistency, which has become a norm. They are very unreliable. We dare not – or cannot – count on them. We want the Windies to become permanent winners in their matches; and not once in a blue moon or once in a while winners.