Tue | Aug 4, 2020

Talkback Thursday | Thoughts on blended learning

Published:Thursday | July 30, 2020 | 12:16 AM

As part of COVID-19 containment measures, the education ministry has announced that there will be online and face-to-face classes when the new school year begins. We asked our followers their thoughts on this proposal.

• “I believe schools should be reopened in January. I’m worried about sending my child out. Continue online learning, as was being done since March. Can’t run any risks with our children. They should be the last ones out in this pandemic. It’s still too risky. What if there’s one positive case in a school? What would happen then? The protocols I see outlined are too ‘all over the place’.”

– @ochi_cars1

• “Better wi kids dem live dunce than dead bright. Online only plz.”

– @faithyanike

• “Online, I can save $$$ and not pay accommodation. It’s a good thing, and don’t have to buy uniform. Save me a lot.”

– @sassielly

• “I believe we should have more face-to-face classes and less online; the children need that kind of interaction and they learn better among their peers.”

– @ricardoohart

• “Divide all school classes in two and put all schools on shift system for the rest of the pandemic; this will allow proper supervision of kids, adequate social distancing and less headache for teachers and administrators.”

– @no_nonsense1980

• “I think it’s a good idea, especially in these times. The less exposure to any kind of COVID-related issues, the better for us and for the kids.”

– @nicole.hibbert

• “Online classes will definitely ostracise a lot of inner-city and rural students who either can’t afford Wi-Fi, or it’s not available in their community. Thus, equity will not be maintained. It is simply not feasible for all.”

– @beingsyrii

• “As a teacher and a parent, I am undecided.”

– Stacy-ann Rhoden

• “This is subjective and cannot be mandatory, as all kids learn differently.”

– Shar Bar