Wed | Sep 30, 2020

Less talk, more action

Published:Wednesday | August 12, 2020 | 12:14 AM


Listening to the prime minister in recent months, one senses that he seems to be focused primarily on retaining power and not on protecting the lives of the Jamaican people who elected him to serve. PM Andrew Holness has implemented policies that have been destined to fail.

Despite this, the Honourable PM now seeks to lambast Jamaicans, saying that those who do not hear will “feel”. Why the threat and the blame instead of the PM accepting his role and that of his Government as relating to their leadership and that what we are now experiencing is a result of their own actions or inactions?

It is no secret that the lockdown of Portmore was not effective, with persons coming out with absolute ease, the tracking of visitors is non-existent, the contact tracing of persons associated with those infected has apparently ceased, “mandatory” masks are clearly anything but mandatory, and the roads after 11 p.m. are starting to look as if no curfew exists.

As the pollsters continue to predict a landslide at the upcoming general election for the ruling party, the PM ought to be grateful that the political climate is in his favour.

It is my opinion that the current Government has failed the Jamaican people when it matters most, and when preaching about prosperity, they clearly forget to mention who would benefit.

I implore PM Holness to stop the talks and public relation campaigns and get on with leading us through this COVID-19 crisis.