Sat | Oct 24, 2020

Put your words into action, Mr PM

Published:Wednesday | September 9, 2020 | 12:07 AM


If Prime Minister Andrew Holness wants to truly be an excellent, exemplary and exceptional leader, and be perceived as such locally, regionally and globally, then he must, going forward, put his noble words into action, lead strongly and decisively, and be a solid pillar of honesty and integrity at all times.

Throughout the course of his last administration, Holness erred when he did not, shortly after numerous damning revelations about Petrojam emerged, demand the resignation of then minister of science, technology, energy and mining, Dr Andrew Wheatley. Had Mr Holness acted with the same speed and alacrity as he had employed in relation to the Ruel Reid/Caribbean Maritime Institute issue, then his and his party’s reputation would not have suffered as much as it did.

Also, had Mr Holness not engage in verbal gymnastics in Parliament, awkwardly and embarrassingly so, to defend former HR manager at Petrojam, Yolande Ramharrack, he and his party would not have been the ‘punching bag’ of the Opposition PNP on that very ‘oily’ issue.

It’s time for you to become the embodiment, exemplar, and executioner of the excellent, endearing and erudite words you eloquently expressed at your swearing-in ceremonies at King’s House, in 2016 and 2020, Mr Prime Minister!