Wed | Sep 30, 2020

Good move to build field hospitals

Published:Monday | September 14, 2020 | 12:07 AM


The newly elected Government is wasting no time in getting back to business. The coronavirus cases have continuously ascended, and the national health and safety of all Jamaicans have been compromised. However, respect needs to be shown with how the Jamaican Government has dealt with the situation.

With the expected arrival of infrastructure to build a field hospital, Dr Christopher Tufton and his ministry have shown that they are committed to their task. There have been over 3,600 cases of COVID-19, including 40 deaths, and the call for a COVID-19 hospital is not only timely but also brilliant. The fact that these hospitals will be in different sections of the island will mean that more individuals will have a higher chance of recovery.

A lot of Jamaicans have continuously put themselves at risk of catching the virus by not following the protocols. Day by day measures are taken to reduce the spread of the deadly virus. Various small and large businesses must try their best to gain substantial profit along with protecting their customers.

It is very good to see that the Jamaican Government has made the health and safety of its citizens its priority. The coronavirus has destroyed many lives and businesses, and if we are to control it, then the COVID-19 hospitals will be a necessity.