Wed | Sep 30, 2020

Trump’s alleged tirade on Mandela was disrespectful

Published:Monday | September 14, 2020 | 12:07 AM


United States President Donald Trump reportedly unleashed a slew of offensive and disparaging statements on Nelson Mandela. A disclosure from one of Trump’s confidants in his book sets out what the president allegedly said about Mandela.

In what seems to be a nerve-wracking, brain-altering display of behaviour, President Trump allegedly unleashed profanities against Nelson Mandela. In his tirade, he reportedly said that Mandela was no leader.

Many people must be very disappointed with the manner in which the US president allegedly dismissed the South African stalwart who was symbolic in the reconciliation process of the post-apartheid South Africa of 1993.


This comes across as a most unfortunate behaviour of a president of the United States, one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Mandela’s diplomacy is far out of the reach of Mr Trump, as he seemingly seized an opportunity to cast aspersions on an icon unable to defend himself.

The African National Congress (ANC) has hit back. In defending the Nobel Prize winner, the ANC in a statement said Trump is not fit to comment on Mandela’s accomplishments.

“All freedom-loving people of the world are appalled by these insults, which come from a person who himself is not a model of competent leadership,” said the ANC statement, adding that Trump is the most “divisive, misogynistic and disrespectful person” ever to be president of the United States.

The ANC said that Mandela’s dedication to “peace and a just society” stands in “stark contrast” to Trump’s policies.

Mandela deserves the Nobel Prize more than Mr Trump. After being victimised and sent to prison for 27 years due to a subhuman system, apartheid, Mandela came back with no grudge, ill-will or malice to his oppressors and had to be lauded for his more than humane behaviour, which saw even the most cynical persons embracing him and holding him as a noble man.

God bless Madiba!