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Letter of the Day | Promote and develop St Mary

Published:Tuesday | September 15, 2020 | 12:08 AM


I would like to highlight the need to promote St Mary as a tourism destination that investors can explore. Such a move could have a great impact on the economy of the parish, which is largely dependent on agriculture.

I understand that Ocho Rios is a major tourism destination in Jamaica. It is a major source of income for both locals and the Government. But Ocho Rios is not in St Mary. It is so near yet so far. When it comes to branding and promotion, our parish has not been given its due. When you traverse the north coast between White River and Race Course in the parish, you will see, for example, San Souci, Couples Tower Isle, Beaches Ocho Rios, James Bond Beach, and other attractions.

Increased branding and promotion of St Mary will attract investors to explore and develop other areas such as the BPO, tourism, agriculture. We have some of the best beaches, rivers, and an airport. It is time for St Mary to be given its fair share of promotion for what it is. The beaches and other tourist spots such as Beaches Ocho Rios (which is in Boscobel, St Mary) should be promoted to reflect our parish.

Every modern country has built itself around an identity that is regarded as unique. There is so much that is unique to every parish in Jamaica, and each of these parishes should be promoted for its own uniqueness.

St Mary is a beautiful parish, and it has a lot of potential for development in various areas. Efforts should be made to bring the parish to the limelight and highlight what it offers.