Mon | Jan 18, 2021

Companies need to stop exploiting the youth

Published:Wednesday | September 16, 2020 | 12:10 AM


Millennial magnetism moves mountains. Let us face the white elephant in the room. In 2020, many companies, firms and renowned corporations continue to exploit the skills, knowledge and creativity of youth and compensate them below the measurement of their value to their entities.

It’s quite unfair to be a catalyst of change and the voice of opinion towards groundbreaking moves and decisions made by entities, then to be hardly able to afford basic housing and other commodities for survival. Inflation steadily increases the price of goods and services, and it seems to work effortlessly for every service price, except the price of labour – wage.

Many creatives will tell you how demanding clients are of superb quality and how little they are willing to pay. It’s always “what’s my price?” or “can I get a discount?” Others will tell you how long they work in office and exceed company expectations only to be verbally commended or not given any recognition at all.

It’s time we actually show value to people by paying them what they deserve. Some companies are afforded the privilege of having one or two individuals who are multifaceted enough to be able to charge several roles under one cap but are still paid base salary.


Is it then that people should be free to send consultant invoices for every other job they complete that is not directly under the responsibilities outlined in their signed contractual agreements? What if the millennials in your company were to have no contributions to the direction and strategy of your company?

The world’s trajectory is moving forward with youth inclusion and involvement. The trajectory of our salaries should follow suit. Good salaries facilitate comfortable lifestyles; thus boosting productivity, motivation, efficiency and savings that transcend into increased investments.