Mon | Oct 26, 2020

PNP failed to take care of their ‘safe seats’

Published:Friday | September 18, 2020 | 12:08 AM


In a recently released voice note by veteran People’s National Party (PNP) politician K.D. Knight, he was heard making certain allegations, following the PNP’s heavy defeat to the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in the September 3 general election, with the words …”my god, my god; why has thou forsaken us?”

Those words by Mr Knight can be likened to that of the Israelites in biblical scriptures after they would have suffered defeat and subsequent loss of their lands to nations such as the Babylonians.

Regrettably, in Jamaica, there is this mistaken belief by many landowners that having a registered title to a piece of land guarantees ‘uncontested’ ownership of that property. However, under the Limitation Act of Jamaica … if any person, being the registered owner of land/property, failed in the exercise of his responsibility to secure his property; resulting in another person(s) performing those responsibilities for a prescribed period of time, that registered owner runs the risk of losing his property by means of adverse possession.

The PNP’s inability to hold on to what many within and outside of the PNP have long considered to be ‘safe seats’, in Western, Eastern and Central Westmoreland; Northern Trelawny, Southern St James, Western Hanover and North East St Elizabeth is indicative of the party’s failure over these many years to properly take care of these constituencies, thereby allowing the JLP to step in and claim not only these seats, but the entire western Jamaica.