Mon | Oct 26, 2020

Is there a different law for taxi drivers?

Published:Friday | September 18, 2020 | 12:08 AM


Why do we as a nation sit back and allow the indiscipline displayed by our taxi drivers every day on the roads?

They have to be in the front of their lane at all times. In order to do this, they overtake everyone and go to the front, or create a lane for themselves. They also enter the lane which is filtered to turn right even though they are heading straight, so as to be closer to the front.

When will we see steps being taken to curb this indiscipline? This has existed for too long, and this disgusting behaviour must cease. Are these errant taxi drivers in charge or is it our law-enforcement officers who are being paid to maintain discipline and order on our roads? Hope Road and other roads have become a racetrack.

My suggestion is to have police officers in plain clothes and unmarked police vehicles who will position themselves at the correct section, and assign tickets which must be paid within a week. A warning should be issued beforehand.

If this strategy was being implemented to arrest criminals, we would be on our way to a vast reduction in crime; but the question is, are we really serious about fighting crime?


Author of ‘Don’t Give Up’