Sun | Oct 25, 2020

Install surveillance cameras at traffic lights

Published:Wednesday | September 30, 2020 | 12:08 AM


Motorists – from taxi and bus drivers to private vehicle owners – are becoming increasingly selfish and have little or no care for pedestrians. Their behaviour is appalling and unacceptable. Can you imagine a motorist driving up on pedestrians on the pedestrian crossing? Our roads need to be patrolled more rigorously by police officers. Our pedestrians need to be safer on the road, especially the elderly and children.

Another problem with our motorists is that they have no respect for road signs and safety signs. They speedily drive past stop signs and drive carelessly within ‘go-slow zones’.

The Government needs to install surveillance cameras at stoplights to increase safety and catch lawbreakers. There are many accidents caused by careless motorists, but unfortunately, they get away scot-free. Surveillance cameras can solve that problem.

Then there is the issue of some public-passenger drivers still loading taxis and packing buses tightly like sardine tins, breaching COVID-19 protocols. Passengers have to be tightly rubbing together, putting our lives at risk.

Drivers complain and argue with passengers or ask you to get out if you don’t like the condition, as gas is expensive. The law should protect passengers and citizens more; hence, a police officer or security guard should be assigned to every bus and taxi park every day to keep order.

The Government should also place traffic lights in all spots that are accident zones.

I charge motorists and public-passenger drivers to be less selfish and strive to be more careful and compassionate.