Sun | Oct 25, 2020

Talkback Thursday |The challenges of online learning

Published:Thursday | October 1, 2020 | 12:13 AM

With the resumption of classes less than a week away, children are preparing for new modes of learning. The Government said classes will be delivered online, through radio and television, and printed materials. Are you satisfied with this approach?

“This is a good measure; however, considerations need to be given for students who will be doing vocational subjects, for example, automotive technology.”

– @FrithMickelle

“Everyone can’t be pleased, so we affi just work with the system.”

– Yanique Malcolm

“The teacher said we have to pay for the printed materials, so it’s not like it’s free; but, otherwise, am OK with the online classes.”

– Tashalee Clarke

“Many children will continue to suffer because of this. And me a go watch ‘n see if schools going to be closed forever.”

– Crystal Gordon

“When I hear them mention something about the ECIs (early-childhood institutions), then I can give my opinion.”

– Kaitlyn Brown

“Knee-jerk reaction. We had six months to make preparations, and now the digital divide seem to have widen even more instead of closing.”

– Proff McNamee

“It’s just fine. You can’t please everybody. Who can’t keep up will just have to face the consequences.”

– @shena_swallace

“If we all do our part it will work just fine; every community is different and the administrator needs to be patient and creative.”

– Damian Summa Anderson

“Very grateful. It is much safer for the children, and for everyone overall.”

– Tangella HotSteppa Betty

“Right now, Monday morning a go be pure confusion ... . Why him nuh just close ‘till January and tighten the curve ‘till January, and see if wi caan fall back little?”

– @tamoyaan

“Not satisfied. Some kids will left behind because no access to tablets or Internet. Why not drop the customs duty off the learning devices?”

– @forev_addiction