Sat | Jan 16, 2021

Children should be at school

Published:Saturday | October 10, 2020 | 12:09 AM


Children of all ages need to go back to school physically with masks and adequate sanitising. Parents need their kids out of the house before they lose their minds.

Virtual school penalises those facing economic challenges and have challenges in accessing the Internet. Many parents may not be able to understand or assist with online classes for their children. Resultant high tempers at home, too, often lead to frustration.

Why is the Government trying to find money to fund expensive online schooling requiring several computers for families with kids of different ages? Jamaica cannot afford this. Instead, let us spend money adapting schools again to a workable shift system and paying for more teachers instead of more computers.

Our children need to socialise responsibly in a school system we all know. COVID-19 will eventually dissipate, sooner or later. Will we then ask for the return of thousands of computers so kids can focus again on their education instead of on computer games?

Let’s not pander to COVID-19, but plan to deal with it in a responsible way which sees the future after we have overcome this epidemic.