Mon | Jan 18, 2021

Dismantle the garrisons

Published:Tuesday | October 13, 2020 | 12:06 AM


One reason given for Mark Golding’s preferred selection over Lisa Hanna, as the new leader of the Opposition, is based on his vote margin in last month’s general election. However, we are forgetting to address the white elephant in the room, political garrisons.

We know of the connections of garrisons with gangs, violence, and the fact that in Jamaica, all political garrisons perpetuate habitual poverty.

In ‘Let’s take back Jamaica’ ( Jamaica Observer, July 23, 2019), I wrote that Justice Minister Delroy Chuck said, “ Garrisons belonging to both political parties have been allowed to become ‘states within the State’ and used to promote the interests of politicians”.

The foundation power of the two major political parties are built on the garrisons.

Regrettably, traditional so-called ‘safe seats’ have been milestones of oppression, and the dehumanisation of our citizens in perpetual poverty.

The election of Lisa Hanna would remove the endorsement for ‘states within the State’, and could be a start in the dismantling process of these political garrisons. It would enable our leaders to craft new crime plans without compromising the integrity of national security.

Therefore, we should not speak about removing the monarchy as head of state, yet perpetuating oppressive and mental enslavement of our citizens, trapped in such unhealthy association with political parties.

Now is the opportune moment in history to walk the talk of freedom.