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Talkback Thursday | COVID then and now

Published:Thursday | October 15, 2020 | 12:06 AM

Tuesday marked 218 days since the first COVID case was confirmed in Jamaica. We asked our followers if they are more concerned now than they were on day one.

It was scary in the initial stages solely because it was new, but now even though the cases are more, it seems as if it’s the norm.

– @shan.shan950

Yes, I am much more concerned. Especially as the number of cases in KSA (Kingston and St Andrew) keeps rising.

– @gocharms

To be honest, I feel no more threat at all from the virus. I believe we have all already been exposed, there is no end to a virus, with so many facets it is here like flu.

– @suparank

I couldn’t care less anymore.

– @my_chill_spot

I was more concerned in March.

– @valentinasbeautypassion

Nope ... it is stale news. Not even curious anymore.

– @teenatemcclear

I am more concerned now because the infection and death rates have increased exponentially. I am not confident in the health sector’s capability to handle the rate of new cases.

– @instaglamsher

My concern is that more time is spent on nightly curfews as if COVID doesn’t exist during the day time.

– Sachie Dillon

Not more concerned, I don’t think, but still concerned. Maybe because I’m more used to the changes and am more informed now. Frustrated and tired of it all is more what I am now.

– Kathy Gayle

I believe unless a person was locked up in solitary confinement for the past eight months, they wouldn’t be more alarmed now as they were on day one.

– Sylvester Barrett

Very concerned now. But was very afraid in March because I wasn’t educated enough about the virus.

– Fay Smalling Deer

Yes, am concerned now, when we had a few there was strict rules, now a lot more is here and the measures are not as strict, am scared.