Thu | Dec 3, 2020

No face-to-face classes till vaccine is in place

Published:Monday | October 19, 2020 | 7:23 AM


There is concern raised by many schools and teachers about the virtual class where some students in the rural areas are having problem accessing the educational material due to lack of or unreliable Internet services.

Recently, I heard the prime minister speaking about some problems teachers and students are facing across the island. This is a complaint that many, like me, who serve on Parent-Teacher Associations in the schools receive every day.

Given these challenges, we would like to have face-to-face classes resume, but when I see the challenges with COVID-19 pandemic we have to give a second thought about it.

The Government, through the minister of industry, investment and commerce, should try and seek out and partner with overseas Internet companies to assist in expanding and improving the Internet connectivity. This should be done especially in the rural areas.

An assessment should be done to find out which areas need the improved Internet services. This is important. Also, until there is a vaccine in place, students should stay at home and study. As a parent, I would be very worried if my child has to take public transport and go to school, being exposed to COVID-19. Also, they would be exposed to the virus in the school from other students and staff who face the same problems. I am sure all parents share these concerns and are worried about their children’s safety.

In my opinion, the Government should not begin any face-to-face classes until the vaccine is in place. We need to work together to fight this pandemic.

God bless and protect us all.