Mon | Jan 25, 2021

‘Let us dare to aim high’

Published:Wednesday | October 21, 2020 | 12:08 AM


The recently and newly elected TTFA President William Wallace and his administration, following its removal and the installation of a FIFA ‘Normalisation Committee’, and its recent success in the local courts, will host an extraordinary general meeting for all stakeholders on Sunday, October 25, with Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley expected to attend.

This should not have been necessary if FIFA were more respectful of the TTFA’s proud 112-year history, with 76 years as a FIFA member association, and not all about their own maximum-control agenda. In addition, Wallace’s initial missteps were not the issue.

Having heard and read the various reasons for FIFA’s action, and the arguments and positions of all the self-interest/appointed pundits, what are the facts?

1. If the problem is the current massive TTFA debt, then the problem is not with the newly elected Wallace administration, but one which, over the past four years, was the responsibility of the former, ousted David John-Williams administration, and which is reported to have failed to provide a full and audited accounting.

2. If the problem is an issue with the TTFA’s constitution, here again the current constitution was revised in 2014 by the late Raymond Tim Kee’s Constitution Reform Commission, and later approved, and under which the John-Williams administration governed and operated over the past four years. If there was or is a minor problem, then let’s fix it. Two competent lawyers (one each from FIFA and the TTFA) could sit down and quietly arrive at a solution. Much ado about nothing.

3. What else is there that cannot be amicably resolved without sullying the name of a respected 76-year FIFA member association, with a proud 112-year history in the game’s development, not only in Trinidad and Tobago, but the Caribbean? Unfortunately, the apparent reasons for this treatment can be traced back to the abject failings/legacy of two former Caribbean Concacaf/FIFA executives – Jack Warner and Jeffrey Webb – and the reduced significance of the current CFU president, otherwise a nice guy, who, though a Concacaf council member, has been made toothless and a yes-man, and where today, the Concacaf-appointed Caribbean development officers exert far more regional influence than the current CFU leadership.


So, hopefully, come Sunday, we can acknowledge William Wallace’s courage for standing up for the TTFA, T&T and Caribbean football; forget your differences and begin working together, starting with the Tim Kee administration’s Strategy for the FUTURE 2018, which was completely ignored during the four-year, ‘me first’ agenda of David John-Williams.

Come Sunday, to quote UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, “Let us dare to aim high”.