Sun | Nov 29, 2020

Talkback Thursday |No relaxation of COVID measures for Christmas

Published:Thursday | November 19, 2020 | 12:09 AM

In another two weeks, the Government will announce COVID-containment measures for the Christmas period. We asked our followers if they believe there should be some relaxation.

“No. Further curfews are still needed. We cannot allow a free-for-all at this crucial time. We want to keep the curve down.”

– @theRealABarrett

“Nope, the restrictions aren’t as strict now and we still breaking them. Relaxation will only result in a spike.”

– @fosho_Lee

“Keep the other things in place, but stop this senseless curfew that hasn’t been working.”

– @SuperKat47

“With all the partying and overseas visitors, we will pay the price in January.”

– @BrianHa99443836

“There needs to be more restrictions. Our people have proven they are irresponsible, and a mistake to relax will cost many lives.”

– @Dain97304193

“No. Relaxation brings death.”

– @HolnessStacy

“Certainly not. We have shown that the Jamaican public is irresponsible. If the restrictions are relaxed, there will be a surge in COVID cases, thereby affecting our ability to get our children back to school.”

– @mutty126

“Let 2020 pass, we have many more Christmases to come and celebrate with a vaccine available.”

– @oniel_campbell

“Open up the country. Cases will continue to rise through to 2022 as long testing increases. What’s next? Total lockdown of all ports when the number hits 20,000. Fear is one of our worst enemies.”


“No! The last time there was relaxation for ‘Emancipendence’, the whole Jamaica nearly have COVID-19.” -- @cdemarlzdix

“Yes. It was relaxed for election, so what’s the big deal now?” -- @s.dollface

“Nope! Tighter measures. We need to contain this virus so we can have a better 2021.”

– @jasinthsimpson

“No. The curfew must start from 12 noon. Jamaicans nawww nuh behaviour.” -- @forev_addiction

“Yes. They conveniently relax it for election, so they can relax it for Christmas as well.”

– @lovable_mar

“They should review the ban on funerals. People would like to give their loved ones a good send-off with family and friends, and the protocol can still be observed. I agree that we cannot have a crowd in the church, but rotation can be arranged.”

– Deneavene Williams

“Should push back curfew time on Christmas Eve so persons can do last-minute shopping.”

– Cadine Coburn Munroe

“Diseases don’t take breaks. They have no ‘chill’. They don’t relax. They are very opportunistic.”

– Fritz Cottrell

“Them can lock down the country from 12 to 12 for all I care, some a uno need fi tan a uno yard.”

– Mckoy-Lloyd S Firstlady