Wed | Nov 25, 2020

Readers reaction to dog-attack law

Published:Friday | November 20, 2020 | 12:07 AM

• “Call me a pessimist if you all want to, but I can bet anyone that this reactive dog-attack law is just ‘a moment of appeasement’ that political legislators resort to as a means of assuaging the people who they serve. As it has already started, so-called animal rights groups and other like-minded affiliates will bore so many holes into this latest bill, defending the dogs, that very soon it will just remain inactive and gather dust wherever it is stored. So, unlike the very ferocious dogs that it is aimed at, it will be totally toothless!”

­– Peter Price

• “Mr Holness and team, please to remove all dogs and stray animals off the road, because with these attack they will be no owner, or owners, to be held accountable.”

– Ashana Bloomfield

• “Look at that. It had to take something tragic for something like this to take place.”

– Mfalme Tajiri

• “Finally ... hope owners will be more responsible ... no more vicious attacks.”

– Tamara Reynolds

• “But will it be enforced? Will it have teeth or be just like so many others of our laws – just staying on the books?”

– Darolyn Henry-Cross

• “This law was well overdue. At least I can exercise in the morning on the road without interference from dogs and the piles these dogs are leaving at my gate from the people who are walking their dogs in my neighbourhood.”

– Ray Holness

• “So who is holding the people who abuse animals liable for that?”

– Sacha Miles

• “All owners should have to register their dogs and, in turn, get a licence to have certain breeds of dogs.”

– Lorde Hyia

• “I guess it will come out in the details. But with Jamaica being so informal about so many things, what proof will there be to say a dog is mine? Will the law now require all dogs to be licensed and registered? Or is it mine because I happen to feed it or doesn’t mind when said dog sits in my yard?”

– David R.P. Hill

Sourced from Gleaner’s Facebook page