Sun | Jan 17, 2021

Face-to-face teaching and Artificial intelligence

Published:Sunday | November 22, 2020 | 7:58 AM


With face-to-face teaching and learning posing a very huge problem in the transfer of invaluable information to students in this era of COVID-19, it is certainly a crucial and an uncomfortable position for teachers and students to have found themselves in. This is a major juncture deficit in the teaching-and-learning platform. Face-to-face dissemination of information, when coupled with the dangers of the coronavirus, poses a challenge. This is to everyone who is intimately involved in this longstanding mechanism of information transfer. Undoubtedly, this is the most fundamental functional method of transfer of information, even in this the crucial information age. Even while artificial intelligence is taking precedence on a fairly small scale currently, we do need a new look at this aspect of information transference.

Right now, with face-to-face interactions being restricted, and the possibility of artificial intelligence being employed to make learning more effective, this has to looked at with some levels of openness. New technology is not readily accepted, even to people in developed-world countries. But I beg that my fellow members of the human race look at these new innovations in a much more objective manner. We should always keep in the back of our minds that, teaching and learning are dynamic enterprises which need revisiting quite frequently. In every new generation, methods of teaching and learning are constantly evolving, to explore and facilitate more advanced thinkers of the coming generations.

The pedagogy of two decades ago cannot be used to make marked revolutionary changes in the current scenario. We definitely have to move with the time and apply new and advanced methods of learning for the new generation.